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About Us


Having been gamers and collectors all of our lives we now strive to serve you guys and girls all around the world with the best service in the gaming industry. If you ever have any queries whatsoever please contact us. 

Shop using our online store 24 hours a day with confidence, and accept our personal assurance that you will be pleased with our selection and our superior customer service. We are 100% secure and ship super fast!

Telephone Number 01462539748

Queries should be directed to sales@tierzerogames.com

If we can be of assistance in any way, please email or telephone and we will be very happy to assist you

Write for us:

If you feel you could write articles to help other people learn or just for others enjoyment please send us an email. Our blog will soon open and we are looking for writers from different backgrounds and different trading card games to become part of our team.

Pre-Orders Policy:

All pre-orders require full payment at the time the pre-order is placed. We use many different distributors to get more product and receive on time or a little early.  Sometimes, for reasons out of our control, delays, or cancellations some become necessary we will always email you when this is the case and offer an alternative. We do our best to offer the best possible pricing for EVERYONE, this will mean that sadly sometimes we have to minimize the size of some purchases to allow everyone the opportunity to purchase cards. However All pre-orders of products are final. We can not offer refunds or order cancellations for anything purchased before release.The reason we have to have this in place is due to the indeterminate value of cards, when purchasing there is a chance you will grab a bargain ( Heres looking at you £4 Black Luster Soldier Soldier of Chaos) or theres a chance your card may drop slightly in price before release. This is a shared risk on both parts and the same way we will always do our very best to fufill every order we sadly can not allow cancellations as soon as it seems the card that you thought may be short printed isnt. If you have extraordinary circumstances and reasoning for cancelling a pre-order feel free to email us at sales@tierzerogames.com and we will do all we can to help.

TierZero Games LTD

Company Number : 11077940

VAT NUMBER : 391 9850 51

Address : 505 Horizon House, Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG76NG