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Buy List Policy

We are always buying. 

We will soon have the best, most extensive buylist around. If you don't see something that you want to sell to us, please do not hesitate to contact us at OliverH@Tierzerogames.com We respond to all questions within one business day, most of the time much sooner than that. No collection is too large or small for us and we are happy to make offers on anything TCG related.

Some things to remember. 

We offer payment via PayPal or Store Credit. Please note that if you select payment via PayPal, some fees may apply.

We give 25% more in trade on all items. Store credit can be used on anything for sale on tierzerogames.com. Don't see anything you want right now?  Don't worry, store credit doesn't expire so feel free to keep it until you find something you want.

We do our best to maintain the highest buy prices on the internet. Our buyers are updating our buy prices weekly to ensure that we are competitive on every single card we can!

If you have any questions or concerns about selling cards to us or even just a way for us to improve our buylist, feel free to contact us at sales@tierzerogames.com . We are happy to help and always looking to improve.   

Our grading scale:

Near Mint: A card in Near Mint condition will show little to no wear. It may have a light scratch, small nick, or barely noticeable border wear. A foil card will have little to no clouding and retain most or all of its original gloss. 

Light Played: A card in Light Played condition will show visible, minor wear. It may have mild border or corner wear, minor bending, light scratching, small nicks, light scuffing, or very minor border creasing. A foil card may also have moderate clouding and have lost some of its original gloss.

Played: A card in Played condition will show easily visible, but not extreme wear. It may have extensive border or corner wear, major bending, major scratching, major nicks, major scuffing, major creasing along the top border from shuffling, moderate whitening, slight inking along the borders, slight tearing along the borders, minor water damage, minor dirt buildup, or slight discoloration. A foil card may also have major clouding and have lost most of its original gloss.

Poor : A card in poor condition will show easily visible, extreme wear. It may have major whitening, heavy inking, major creasing or tearing, extensive water damage, writing on the front or back, missing pieces, extensive dirt build up, or extreme discolouration. A foil card may also have lost all of its original gloss.

Please double check your cards for condition before sending them in. We try to be fair and accurate in our grading, so please make it as easy as possible for us by ensuring that the cards you are sending are Near Mint.

*Important* We buy most Slightly Played cards at 75% of their Near Mint price, Heavily Played cards at 65% of their Near Mint price and Damaged cards at 50% of their Near Mint price, though some exceptions may apply. In addition, any rare that we buy for £0.05 that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will instead be bought for £0.02. Any common or uncommon that we buy for £0.10 or less that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will instead be bought at our bulk rate of a quarter penny. If you wish to avoid these downgrades, please carefully check the condition of your cards before sending them in.

How do I sell cards to TierZeroGames ? (Please Read)

You can quickly and easily find the cards you wish to sell by simply filling in the form on the buy list - you will then receive the most up to date buy list - bearing in mind only the most recent list, when we receive the cards, is applicable.   Following this send your cards + a filled in buy list to the address below - we do recommend sending recorded delivery as we can not be responsible for anything that does not arrive due to the post. 

Occasionally we receive buy lists with no name on them and consequently, we have a difficult time locating the seller. Don’t let this happen to you!

Once we have received the cards we will email you a confirmation of the price condition and anything we found to be different from you filled in Buy list form. 

Remember to package your cards securely. We don't want your cards to be damaged during shipment and neither should you, so please take the time to make sure your cards are well packed and protected. Do not put cards in plastic zip lock bags or wrap them with rubber bands, these will more than likely result in damage. We highly recommend packaging your cards in plastic card cases or boxes designed specifically to hold trading cards. Bubble mailers work well too, but please remember to secure the cards so that they do not become loose during transit.

Please address all buylists to: 

TierZeroGames Buyer

35 Fleming Drive



Please keep in mind that we pay 80% of the Near Mint price for most Slightly Played cards, 60% for Heavily Played cards and 40% for Damaged Cards. If you are uncomfortable receiving a reduced price for cards graded below Near Mint, please closely inspect the cards you are sending to us beforehand and include a physical note stating that you would prefer to have us return any cards not graded at Near Mint to you at your expense. 

*Important* We are currently only buying English cards unless otherwise noted. If we receive foreign cards in place of English ones, we reserve the right to discount their price by up to 50% or return them to you at your expense.

We buy bulk!

Don't see your cards listed? Don't worry, we buy bulk cards too. Tierzerogames is currently paying the following prices for bulk:

Bulk Yugioh Rares: £0.01 each

Bulk Yugioh Super Rares: £0.03 each

Bulk Yugioh Ultra Rares: £0.05 each

Bulk Yugioh Secret Rares: £0.08 each

Bulk Promotional Cards: £0.10 each

Bulk Yugioh Commons/Uncommons: £0.005 penny each

Please keep in mind that these prices are for bulk cards that are Near Mint and English. We will return all bulk cards that do not meet these requirements at your expense, so please be careful before sending bulk cards in.

If you are interested in selling bulk cards, please email us at sales@tierzerogames.com