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Gaming Teams

Here at TierZero, we are in the process of joining together the highest caliber of players (Some would say Tier Zero Players... I will see myself out) for each of our competitive gaming teams to not only dominate the world of gaming but also bring you plenty of content!

For Sponsorship, Player or general enquiries please email cgt@tierzerogames.com

Yugioh Team

Name - Andre Delury
Age - 21
Favourite card - Jinzo
Favourite deck/archtype ? So many to choose from as a long time player but I would have to say burning abyss, I admire how Dante traveller of the burning abyss never found his way on to the ban list and the endless possibilities for deck building over several years.
Favourite format? I would say the format shaped by DUEA , right after this set you suddenly had 3 amazing decks come out of nowhere- Tella knights, shaddoll and burning abyss. This format tested my deck building skill and I managed to top regionals with all 3 of the new decks in a few short space of time. This also was a time for me I made many friends in yugioh and I still have as friends today.
Achievments?  Top 32 uk nats 2014,
                    Top 8 YCS London 2018 ,

                           LLDS stage 2 top