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August 2020 Update

Posted by Oliver 14/08/2020 0 Comment(s)

Hey everyone,


So it is already a month since our last update, not going to have everything we planned in this one but some interesting news on product releases and what is going on in the world of TierZero

So, straight into it !


•             WHY ARE ALL THE SINGLES ALWAYS SOLD OUT !!!   I know, I get it, its as frustrating for us as it is for you ( maybe not the guy who emailed 14 times over a single weekend but most of you) the long story short of it is we just can simply not buy the amount of stock we currently need, as most of you will have seen most new products are also sold out in sealed as well, but when they are in if we have 16 boxes of Rise of Duelist come in from a distributor for the amount of singles we will receive we are better off selling them as boxes rather than cracking them open and fighting for the best prices for 1 or 2 of a card. We are hearing rumours that it should be back to normal from October – here’s looking at you Maximum Gold.


•             2020 tins, writing this we know our allocation from some distributors but not all, we will have enough to fulfil all sealed purchases but are expecting to have very low numbers of singles available and likely no restocks on sealed for the time being atleast.


•             The TierZero Twitter page! Our Twitter is now up and running to notify you when anything gets restocked or added to the site. If you are waiting for these sets to become available again or just wanting to know as soon as the singles are up for sale follow, us on twitter. Turn the bell on, and you will receive notifications whenever we post so you won’t miss anything! We use it exclusively to post about stock updates and have received a lot of positive feedback on this service so far. https://twitter.com/TierZeroGames

(I know i said this last month aswell but just wanted to really emphasise it ! )


•             Phantom Rage, Foreign cards and all the other bits mentioned in the last update got a bit delayed as we recently moved office but they will all be coming soon as will a load of other products we found during the move !


That’s it from me this month, and as always, thank you all for continuing to support us. We would greatly appreciate you following us on Social Media and YouTube (links below), it’s a shorter update this month because we still have some bits from last month’s update to finish up and will soon have another post letting you know about the loyalty point update.







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