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News & Updates - June 2021

Posted by Joel 24/05/2021 0 Comment(s)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the June 2021 update – and boy do we have a packed one for you this month!

After what seems like a bit of a lull over the last couple of months in terms of set releases, June is taking that lull and throwing it out the window - we have a huge number of new products coming into stock over the course of June, across multiple TCGs, so there should be more than enough for you to get your teeth into!

The first thing to say is that in addition to the Digimon Starter Decks (ST1-ST3) and sealed booster boxes that were already on the site, singles from BT1-BT3 are now also available!
Digimon has got off to a flyer in the world of card games, and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. We are constantly getting news of updates around BT4 onwards, so keep an eye on the Digimon section of the website for more products as they are released!

In terms of new releases coming your way in June, we have the following:

Yugioh –

  • Lightning Overdrive (LIOV) – This set introduces more cards to the Black Rose Dragon and Amazement archetypes amongst other, as well as sought after cards such as “Diviner of the Herald”, “Bahalutiya, the Grand Radiance" and “Scrap Raptor”, just to name a few!
  • Gold Plated Collectable Cards - Blue Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl
  • Mystery Pin Badges
  • Egyptian God Structure Decks – Obelisk & Slifer
  • Yugi Legendary Decks 1 Reprint
  • Egyptian God Accessories - Sleeves, Mat, Deckbox and Binder
  • Metal Collectable Cards – Black Luster Solider, Exodia and Kuriboh

Now, I’m sure the eagle-eyed amongst you have noticed that there is no King’s Court in the above list. The set has been given a release date of July 1st, so it JUST falls outside of the June releases - but I didn’t want to not mention it to you all as we are very excited for this set, and rest assured it will be on next month’s blog post!

Digimon –

  • BT4 Great Legend Booster Box – and we’ll also have singles on the site
  • ST4 Giga Green, ST5 Machine Black, ST6 Venomous Violet – again, singles will also be available

Pokemon –

  • Chilling Reign Booster Box
  • Chilling Reign ETB
  • Chilling Reign 3-pack Booster Display
  • SWSH Elite Trainer Box Plus – Zacian & Zamazenta

Magic The Gathering –

  • Modern Horizons 2


June is set to be a fantastic month for releases… now if only the weather could improve as well, that would be even better!

That’s everything from us this month! Again, just a massive thank you from us for your continued support and feedback - we love that YOU love card games as much as we do! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our various social media pages!

Catch you next month!

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