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News & Updates - July 2021

Posted by Joel 01/07/2021 0 Comment(s)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the July 2021 update!

Lets get down to business!

Last month we had several releases across various TCGs, including Lightning Overdrive (LIOV) and Egyptian God Decks for Yugioh, BT4: Great Legend for Digimon, and Chilling Reign for Pokemon! This is all mixed in with restocks on countless older products, and the FANTASTIC Yugioh accessories – namely the Gold and Metal cards which you guys have absolutely loved!

We did however, get the sad news that both Structure Deck:Cyber Strike and Legendary Duelists:Synchro Storm have been delayed. Structure Deck:Cyber Strike is now due in October, while Legendary Duelists:Synchro Storm has been pushed back to January 2022. We are surprised by the delay to these items, but rest assured nothing will change with your orders - they will be processed just as they would have been but just on the new revised dates.


So, with June now behind us, let’s look forward to July!

Firstly, a couple of items will be live by the time this blog post goes out, and these are;

  • Yugi Legendary Decks 1 Reprint (Unlimited)
  • Metal Collectible card, featuring Black Luster Solider, Kuriboh and Exodia the forbidden one - You do not want to miss out on these as they look incredible!
  • Yugioh Mystery Pin Badges – These. Are. Awesome. You even have the chance to pull a GOLD PIN! What more could you want?!

That then means for July itself, we’ll have the following;

  • Kings Court – We love the Knights from the original anime so we cannot wait for their new support AS WELL AS the Lightning Storm reprint! Now just to find out which cards will be Collectors Rare…
  • Egyptian God Accessories – including Sleeves, Deck box, playmat and binder
  • And to accompany the metal cards mentioned above, you’ll be able to get your hands on Gold versions of Black Luster Solider, Kuriboh and Exodia the forbidden one at the end of the month

Magic the Gathering

  • Various Adventures In The Forgotten Realms products, including Booster Boxes, Commander and more!

And that’s that! Thank you again for your support, and if you have any questions on ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Also keep an eye on the Socials for updates on product listings and restocks!

Catch you next month!

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