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Yugioh 2019 Tin - Gold Sarcophagus Tin

Yugioh 2019 Tin - Gold Sarcophagus Tin

Yugioh 2019 Tin - Gold Sarcophagus Tin

includes the new MP19

The 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin is fashioned after the iconic Gold Sarcophagus and is designed to reduce the amount of wear and tear sustained by the cards you keep in it making it a stylish and efficient way to store cards that are important to you.

Each tin will come with 5 Prismatic Secret Rare variant cards

2 cards from a set of 6 new cards with art by Kazuki Takahashi the creator of Yugioh 2 cards (from a set of 5 cards) from the original Yugioh animated series which includes the 3 Egyptian God Cards with art by Kazuki Takahashi.

1 of 3 new World Premiere cards designed to be usable in any Deck and help you stage a comeback against some of the fastest strategies that might come from your opponent. One card prevents Graveyard dumping another punishes your opponent if they Summoned too many monsters and the third gives you a reprieve if they set up a monstrously large field on their first turn.

In addition each tin has 3 Mega-Packs of a specially crafted set featuring popular cards released in 2018 like Daqnger Tsuchinoko Knightmare Mermaid and Called by the Grave. Each 16-card Mega-Pack has 12 Commons 1 Rare 1 Super Rare 1 Ultra Rare and 1 Prismatic Secret Rare. All of the foil cards in these Mega-Packs appear in different rarities than their original 2018 release adding a further element of mystery and excitement to the 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin

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Mint: Mint

Near Mint: A card in Near Mint condition will show little to no wear. It may have a light scratch, small nick, or barely noticeable border wear. A foil card will have little to no clouding and retain most or all of its original gloss. 

Light Played: A card in Light Played condition will show visible, minor wear. It may have mild border or corner wear, minor bending, light scratching, small nicks, light scuffing, or very minor border creasing. A foil card may also have moderate clouding and have lost some of its original gloss.

Played: A card in Played condition will show easily visible, but not extreme wear. It may have extensive border or corner wear, major bending, major scratching, major nicks, major scuffing, major creasing along the top border from shuffling, moderate whitening, slight inking along the borders, slight tearing along the borders, minor water damage, minor dirt buildup, or slight discoloration. A foil card may also have major clouding and have lost most of its original gloss.

Poor : A card in poor condition will show easily visible, extreme wear. It may have major whitening, heavy inking, major creasing or tearing, extensive water damage, writing on the front or back, missing pieces, extensive dirt build up, or extreme discolouration. A foil card may also have lost all of its original gloss.

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