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Yugioh Rokket Revolt Structure Deck

Yugioh Rokket Revolt Structure Deck

Yugioh Rokket Revolt Structure Deck

Outfit your dragonic arsenal with the latest technology in Structure Deck Rokket Revoltt Varis (also known as Revolver in the Japanese anime) Rokket strategy from Yugioh VRAINS is built on low-Level DARK Dragons that replace themselves on the field during the End Phase of the turn theyre destroyed. Many of them can also destroy themselves along with cards your opponent controls if they're targeted by a Link Monsters effect like the mighty Borreload Dragon included in this Deck.

The Rokket strategy uses 2 different kinds of Extra Deck monsters The Dragon Borrel monsters and the Cyberse Topologic monsters. Both themes have produced some of the strongest Extra Deck monsters in the game and both receive new weapons to add to their arsenal in Structure Deck Rokket Revolt.

Structure Deck Rokket Revolt prioritizes Link Summoning but it can also make use of Fusion Summoning with a new Spell that destroys its Fusion Materials instead of just sending them to the Graveyard. 

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